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I am Raven Rentas.

I believe that words can make a difference. This is why I write.

As you saw when you first came onto my website, I identify myself as a writer, storyteller and, more importantly, human being. I love to write and I love using that as a medium to share stories. However, I pride myself on being a human being more.

I believe that skills in writing, reporting and editing is what makes a good journalist. But having compassion for the people you write about and caring about the stories you create is what makes a successful one.

When I was a young girl, I was immersed with all sorts of storytelling: books, magazines, TV shows, films, etc. While growing up, the J-14 magazine that I oh-so loved was replaced by Time Magazine. Tarzan, the movie that I practically forced my grandparents to watch with me at least three times a day, was replaced by Spotlight (although I still do love the occasional Tarzan). What didn't change with age was my love for storytelling.

I am an absurdly curious individual and have always been fascinated by people. Human beings are walking stories and while we all have different experiences, we can still relate to one another. Sometimes, we don't get the opportunity to share our stories. This is where I come in.

As an aspiring journalist, I want to make sure that anybody's voice has the chance to be heard. I want to write about real issues that people go through, in an effort to raise awareness. So many events occur daily, both good and bad, that are unnoticed. As a journalist, it is my job to investigate, research and report about them.

I want to inform the public of matters that are occurring around the world, affecting individuals, families and the environment. By doing this, I hope to educate others and to encourage them to help. I dream of my words bringing comfort to those who need it and excitement to those who read about all the good in the world. Ultimately, I want my words to inspire change for social justice issues.

So, that's my story. What's yours?







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